What Have Your MarTech Peers Learned?

RSG's MarTech Leadership Council — an exclusive, confidential peer group that meets several times a year — recently passed its four-year anniversary.  It's been an eventful four years, with the pandemic, interest rate spikes, chatbots, and now AI — all disrupting marketing operations.

Omnichannel Executive Leadership Council

Just yesterday we met on the topic of practical marketing applications of AI and ML. It was really eye-opening! I can't share the juicy details, but look for a high-level public write-up soon.

It made me reflect on all the lessons we've learned together over the years, and thought you might enjoy sharing in them.

The next in-person Council meeting will take place in October 2023 in Virginia/DC and cover a variety of MarTech topics and best practices, including winning buy-in for marketing transformation, and of course more on AI.

The Council is open to large enterprises (no vendors or consultancies) that subscribe to a "full stack" package of RSG research and advisory services. Find purchase details here. RSG must approve your application.

You can apply here.

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