[Webinar] How Should You Manage Omnichannel Content in 2020?

So you want to support truly omnichannel experiences….join the club! Yet when it comes to managing content for truly omnichannel consumption, most incumbent vendors come up short. Find out what it really takes to redeploy common stories and experiences across channels in the coming decade.

RSG founder Tony Byrne will lead you through a fast-paced analysis of the emerging “Omnichannel Content Platform” (OCP) marketplace and what this means for your customer-centric engagement strategies this year.

[Webinar] How Should You Manage Omnichannel Content in 2020?

To get the most out of this live briefing, I'll invite you to:

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2. Between now and Feb 12, send any Omnichannel Content related question you'd like Tony to address, to me at [email protected]

3. Ask questions during the session itself

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