Updates to MAM evaluations research - Harris, North Plains and OpenText

We recently updated our Broadcast and Media Asset Management evaluations research, specifically the evaluation chapters for Harris Invenio, North Plains Telescope, and OpenText Media Management products. These updates incorporate recent market/vendor developments as well as additional “voice of the customer".

Here’s a sneak peek.

As I noted earlier, Harris corporation has divested its broadcast unit. The new owner for this is a private equity company called The Gores Group. This new entity is called Harris Broadcast and continues to the use the “Harris” moniker, though it is an independent entity now. In the updated chapter, we provide more details about the size of this entity and opine on the implications going forward for current and prospective customers, as a result of the change in ownership.

Two other updates relate to the corporate video management vendors.

North Plains, a longstanding vendor of Digital Asset Management software, has added considerable video management functionality over the years to its core DAM product Telescope. Available as an add-on to this core product, the Video Manager module, targets the traditional enterprises, (whose requirements are very different from broadcasters and media enterprises).

Open Text Media Management also can manage both images and videos and is a platform rather than a solution (Meaning: it needs development effort to tailor to your requirements, fairly typical of such solutions). OpenText has a large portfolio of other Content Management software and Media Management is usually found alongside some of them.

Subscribers can download the updated evaluations here.

Our customers say...

"I've seen a lot of basic vendor comparison guides, but none of them come close to the technical depth, real-life experience, and hard-hitting critiques that I found in the Search & Information Access Research. When I need the real scoop about vendors, I always turn to the Real Story Group."

Alexander T. Deligtisch, Co-founder & Vice President, Spliteye Multimedia
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