Updates to Document Management evaluations research - EMC Documentum

We recently updated the EMC Documentum evaluation chapter in our Document Management research, as well as a few minor updates to other vendors. These updates incorporate developments due to new product releases, marketplace changes, as well as customer feedback.

Documentum "D7" was released late last year and sports many new improvements. The key enhancements are related to performance and deployment, as well as a new user interface and a few others. In this review, we take a particularly detailed look at the new user interface, called D2.

While Documentum 7 represents a significant upgrade to the platform, it still remains one of the most complex systems in this report. So as always, make sure you do full comparisons, tests, and proof of concepts against other leading document management solutions before committing a large investment with EMC.

Subscribers can download the updated evaluations here.


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