Microsoft releases free migration tools for Notes/Domino

In a move to try to win a bigger share in the collaboration market, Microsoft has announced a series of free tools to help customers switch from Lotus Notes/Domino to Exchange and SharePoint. Of course, collaboration and e-mail are key components in any enterprise portal implementation. Longtime Lotus Notes/Domino customers most often choose IBM WebSphere Portal, while Microsoft Exchange users naturally gravitate to Sharepoint. Migration from one platform to another is often a painful and risky undertaking. Free migration tools might ease the process, but most Notes/Domino users have serious investments in custom applications that really keep them from moving or even upgrading to anything. Even IBM is reporting that conversions to its J2EE-based Workplace collaboration platform are not happending overnight, and they expect both systems (Notes/Domino and Workplace) to co-exist for an extended period.

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