Embracing a "Legless" Future in Digital Engagement

I am sure you've heard of "headless" architectures in MarTech -- where you decouple management environments from user experience tiers.

Today at RSG we see a significant shift unfolding towards a "legless" architecture, redefining how businesses handle the mechanics of digital customer relationships. Unlike traditional architectures (including headless ones), which compartmentalized data and engagement layers, this new approach integrates enterprise-wide services for truly omnichannel experiences.

Driven by the need to adapt to evolving consumer behavior and streamline operations, businesses are beginning to transition away from siloed engagement platforms towards a more integrated approach. This shift is underscored by the recognition that customers should be the focal point of interactions, rather than abstract channel end-points.

The "silo" problem across channels with separate subsystems for key services.

Figure: The "silo" problem across channels with separate subsystems for key services.

As a practical matter, legless requires decoupling enterprise data, content, and decisioning services from single-channel engagement systems, like Outbound Messaging, Web Content & Experience Management, Ecommerce, and the like. Instead you develop enterprise foundation services, or "legs," which support all your engagement channels.

Target legless reference model
Figure: Enterprise foundation services begin to solve the omnichannel silo problem

Going legless takes work It requires overcoming traditional organizational structures and technical hurdles, such as integrating disparate data and content sources and managing a set of decision logic that can work across channels.  Nevertheless, the rise of CDPs and OCPs suggest at least some halting steps in this direction.

Whatever the complexities, embracing a "legless" architecture offers scalability and coherence essential for modern digital engagement.

If your enterprise seeks to move in this direction, and you're looking for a roadmap on how to get there and how to navigate the complicated vendor landscape, consider RSG's Stack Advisory services. Reach out at any time.

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