Developing Mobile Apps is not sufficient for Mobile Experience Management

When planning new enterprise initiatives or extending existing implementations, most customers now include mobile access to their enterprise applications as an essential requirement. This often leads to a discussion of "apps" and then requirements for a mobile application. While that is an essential exercise, it may not be sufficient.

In our evaluations of more than 20 Enterprise Mobile Technology vendors, we address the most common considerations that you should think of when you decide to get serious about mobile.  There are a number of issues that you have to consider and consequently number of decisions that you have to take.

Some of the considerations that we address and provide advice around are:

  1. Which devices to target? We highlight the issue of device diversity in terms of operating systems, capabilities, and device types, as well as what it takes to target properly
  2. Decision tree in terms of deciding what type of mobile apps you should develop: there are many types of mobile apps -- pure native, cross-platform, hybrid, mobile web and others. What are the pros and cons and what approach is suitable for you?
  3. Most incumbent platforms -- such as your existing Portal or ECM tools -- provide mobile apps. Should you then just use any native apps provided by those incumbent tools?
  4. A mobile application is much more than a stand-alone app. It often needs to integrate with existing repositories as well as non-mobile applications. How do you then align your mobile architecture with overall (non-mobile) architecture and experience?
  5. What about "mobilizing" existing applications?
  6. If there are  specific Management and Administration implications, how do you address them?  

This list is not an exhaustive, but a sampling of most common issues that our customers face. We address these (and others) as well as  how each of the individual products in our evaluations incorporates (or doesn't incorporate) these.

If you want to know more details, here is the link to our existing evaluations. You can also download a sample here.

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