Complementing Portals with Enterprise Mashups

Enterprise Mashups are becoming popular as a way to create new, dashboard-style applications from existing, often disparate applications and data sources. Many vendors offer some sort of Mashup functionality.  A sampling includes large ones such as Microsoft (Composites in SharePoint 2010), IBM (Mashup Center), small niche vendors such as JackBe (Presto), Kapow and Backbase, and even open source projects such as WSO2 Mashup Server.

Should you consider Mashup offerings for building Portal-like applications?  And if so, when?

We examine these and other related questions in our latest advisory, "Complementing Portals with Enterprise Mashups." Our Portals stream research subscribers can download the paper, as well as comment or ask questions directly on the page, after logging in. 

We will also be expanding our Portals research to include more of such content integration and aggregation mechanisms as Mashups and Gadgets. If you're a technology buyer, feel free to let us know if there's something important you think we should cover. You can leave a comment below or if you are a subscriber, you can also provide input via private discussion forums.

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