Documentum announces Transactional Content Management

  • 22-May-2007

Transactional document management (high-volume throughput of relatively static documents) has long been dominated by IBM and FileNet. EMC today announced that it too wants to compete in this lucrative market. Hence as part of its forthcoming Documentum D6 release, they have announced "TCM" (Transactional Content Management). Right now, TCM is essentially a user interface module for high-volume scenarios, to be complimented at a later date by changes to the core D6 platform as well as better application of EMC's Captiva technology. EMC in fact has won transactional deals over the past couple of years against a weakened (pre-acquisition) FileNet -- wins as much based on impressive sales techniques as suitable technology. IBM and FileNet combined -- along with Oracle's strategic acquisition of Stellent/Optika -- means that this sales strategy might not work so well going forward. EMC|Documentum will see some serious tests in 2008. For the first time in a long time they face serious competition, amid a rolling release of D6 (and the subsequent year or so for that to settle), along with a slew of key departures, all pointing to major challenges ahead.

Our customers say...

"As high-end web consultants, we use a variety of research tools to keep on top of the evolving technology platforms. Among these, Real Story Group is by far the best--a sort of bible for our CMS consulting practice. We've used The Web CMS Research both to get a jump on understanding products in advance of a formal CMS selection, as well as to start the conversation about potential partnerships. It's also great when a client asks you about an obscure product -- and you can get back to them within an hour with a grounded, thoughtful appraisal of the product, knowing that the information is accurate and written by analysts with real perspective."

John Berndt, President and CEO, The Berndt Group, Ltd.

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