New accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal

  • 19-Apr-2007

In an attempt to deliver more value out-of-the-box, IBM recently announced 5 new portal accelerators as a part of a new minor release and re-packaging of the WebSphere Portal product. The new accelerators contain prebuilt capabilities targeting specific business needs, similar to the 40 application templates available free of charge for Microsoft SharePoint. The IBM accelerators will focus on web content management, collaboration, dashboards, self service, and administration. For now only the dashboard accelerator is available, with a KPI catalog. The other accelerators are scheduled for release later in 2007. According to the press release, IBM also raised the price for WebSphere Portal, which now lists at $51,500 per processor, and you can buy the new Dashboard Accelerator at a whopping $67,000 per processor.

Our customers say...

"The Enterprise Portals Research does an excellent job of articulating the key complexities and challenges associated with portal implementations, and will greatly assist organizations in planning for and executing portal initiatives."

Mike Girifalco, Director of Engineering, Bit Group, Inc.

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