Just what is Convergence, anyway?

  • 4-Apr-2007

For the past two decades I've heard about the "coming convergence" in enterprise software between the data and content sides -- or, if you like (I don't like, but other people do) -- between structured and unstructured information management.

This always seemed like more of a vendor fantasy than real enterprise need, but let's acknowledge that CRM and ERP systems use free-form text fields and document attachments, while Web CMS and Records Management systems need good data to run. At various points, people have promoted Portal, EAI, and (most recently) Search tools to unify these two worlds. But the whole idea still see,s rather fuzzy. So I'm pleased to be moderating a panel on convergence at the forthcoming AIIM Expo in Boston, where 4 leading lights on this issue will hold forth. I'm going to challenge them to turn the concept around, away from technical capabilities, and make it relevant for you, the buyer. I plan to learn a lot, and hope you will too!