[Webinar] What's New in Marketing Automation & Campaign Execution Marketplace

  • 4-Apr-2019

RSG has covered outbound digital marketing vendors and platforms for a decade now, and much has changed. 2019 in particular sees some important shifts among major players, including IBM, Adobe, Oracle, and Salesforce.

In this 30-minute recorded briefing RSG founder Tony Byrne offers the latest landscape overview in a fast-paced. If your enterprise is considering a new or replacement MAP/ESP/Campaign vendor, listen in! 

Access the recording: [Webinar] What's New in Marketing Automation & Campaign Execution Marketplace

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Marketing Automation and Campaign Execution

Our customers say...

"I was really excited to preview RSG's Digital Marketing Technology evaluations. It's great to have a resource that explains what vendors really do, rather than what they say they do."

Gino Bona, Digital Marketing Consultant

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