Webinar 24 Feb: When You Should - or Shouldn't - Use Enterprise Portal Technology

  • 9-Feb-2016

Whether it's an online corporate brochure, an ecommerce site, an intranet, a self-service application, or a rich media aggregation space, for visitors it's just a digital destination. However, not all venues are created equal.

Some of these experiences are content-heavy with dynamically changing content; others are more transaction- or application-oriented.

To develop these digital venues, you have a plethora of tools from which to choose, including good old portal technology. For specific scenarios, you could use a document management tool, a WCM system, a digital asset management product, or even a collaboration-oriented platform. Vendors add to this confusion by claiming that they can do it all.

In this session, I'll present examples and guidelines that will help you decide whether you should — or shouldn't — use a portal tool to develop a specific digital experience.

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Webinar Details:

When You Should — or Shouldn't — Use Enterprise Portal Technology

Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time: 12:00-12:30 PM EST (17:00-17:30 UTC/GMT)

I look forward to seeing you then.

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