Understanding Autonomy's Family Tree

  • 9-Sep-2011

Since HP decided to buy Autonomy for just over $10 Billion dollars, there has been a lot of discussion over the acquisitions that Autonomy itself made over the years to expand its portfolio of products and grow its revenues.

As our research subscribers well know, most big ECM companies have grown in a similar fashion, since managing all the "unstructured data" elements of an organization by definition requires multiple different tools and technologies, and it is beyond the reach of any software firm to invent everything itself.  They key really is to understand how well the various components -- be they home grown or acquired -- work together.  Or not work together, as is often the case.


Autonomy Family Tree from RSG
Click for larger version

So I've updated our "family tree" for Autonomy in the hopes it might be of value to the discussion.  I cannot say for sure that it is 100% complete -- I may have missed something -- but overall I think this is pretty accurate depiction of the Autonomy story. If you spot any errors or omissions please comment or contact me to let me know.

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