Platform Vendors Partner for ECI

  • 9-Jun-2003

Enterprise Content Integration (ECI) vendor ContextMedia announced a partnership today with IBM to integrate with the latter's "DB2 Content Manager" product. ECI competior Venetica has a similar deal with BEA. This trend tells us a couple of things. First, ECI vendors are still small players who need big partners to get traction. But secondly, it provides one more hint that appservers and databases -- not pretty-looking portals -- are going to provide the mixing bowls where serious content integration happens...
ContextMedia + IBM      Venetica + BEA

Our customers say...

"Your CMS research saved us money and efforts in identifying the right WCMS provider for our local market."

Moath Abdullah AL-Manayes, Executive Manager, Kuwait Neshami Company W.L.L.

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