The Web Analytics Marketplace, circa 2010

  • 21-Apr-2010

Yesterday we released our "Cross-Check" for Web Analytics vendors, circa mid-2010. To quote:

    Just two years ago, Google Analytics was considered by some to be an unstoppable steamroller in the Web Analytics marketplace. Google continues its successful run, but not necessarily at the expense of its major competitors. It turns out that enterprise web managers continue to seek services that Google cannot -- or will not -- provide. Employing The Real Story Group "Cross-Check" format, this briefing looks at broad dynamics in the Web Analytics marketplace, as well as an individual risk analysis for eight key vendors.

Here's the chart we narrate in the briefing.

Web Analytics 2010


Note: contrary to what vendors might have you believe, there are no "leaders" or "laggards" in this chart, nor any "magic" zones.  Some vendor risk profiles simply make better sense for different types of customers.  For example, please don't assume we are lauding Webtrends for residing in the most upper right.  Some customers will quite rightly not want to experience some of the turbulence that vendor could encounter going forward.

Web analytics stream subscribers can download the complete briefing here.

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