Happy 1st Birthday ECM3: ECM Maturity Model

  • 25-Mar-2010

Last month marked the one-year anniversary of the open source ECM Maturity model, "ECM3." We didn't make a huge fuss over it at the time, yet it seems to have helped fill a need. So, to mark this birthday, I thought I'd share some statistics with you. Since the launch we've seen:

  • 11,000+ unique visitors to ECM3.org
  • 3,300+ downloaders of the model
  • Some exciting stories of people sharing their real-life experiences using the model (we will be sharing our own stories in some subsequent blog entries)

We know that version 1.1 of the model is long overdue, but we've been collecting community feedback and will be working to publish a "dot release" in the coming weeks. From what we've seen so far, no major changes will be needed, just some minor tweaks here and there. However, if you feel inspired to add to and expand the model let us know, as we would love to see version 1.2 and even 2.0 at some future point.

Please continue to send your suggestions, comments, and examples of how you are using the model. Thanks for all of your help in creating something that is making a real difference in the industry, and do remember this is true open commons. Make use of it, it's yours!

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