2009 ECM Market Overview

  • 24-Sep-2009

As I have said before, at CMS Watch we focus on evaluating individual vendors. Nevertheless, we do think it is important for every buyer to grasp a basic understanding of underlying market dynamics.

For those of you interested at what is happening in the world of Enterprise Content Management, here is a SlideShare recording that looks at our updated Cross-Check analysis of the vendors as of September, 2009.

More detailed analysis on the marketplace and head-to-head evaluations of enterprise portals vendors and products can be found in The Enterprise Content Management Report 2009.


Having trouble with presentation? See larger version on SlideShare

Our customers say...

"Bottom line: I wholeheartedly recommend the ECM Research as a resource for end-user organizations -- and consultants who haven't worked with every solution listed would be well served to acquire a copy, as well."

Jesse Wilkins, Principal Consultant, Access Sciences

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