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Press Release

FOR RELEASE: 2014-03-25


Jarrod Gingras ()

Analyst, Real Story Group

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Advisory: Digital & Media Asset Management Is Converging with Marketing Technologies

New Real Story Group research evaluates 36 DAM and MAM technologies

Digital & Media Asset Management (DAM) platforms have become key pieces to enterprise omnichannel marketing and ecommerce initiatives, but enterprises face complicated integration challenges in order to plug image and video assets into marketing lifecycles, according to research released by independent analyst firm, Real Story Group.

Based on extensive end-user interviews, RSG’s 566-page evaluation report reveals that DAM systems are commonly integrated with Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) platforms. 

However, digital marketers indicate a need to integrate assets with broader marketing technology such as social media marketing, email automation, ecommerce, and mobile platforms to fulfill omnichannel marketing goals.

"Customers should remain skeptical of vendor claims that a DAM system can function as an end-to-end marketing workflow engine or campaign management tool,” notes Real Story Group Principal Analyst, Theresa Regli.  ”In reality, a typical marketing content lifecycle requires multiple technologies."

Several mid-sized DAM vendors are adding their own campaign management components to DAM platforms. But others like Adobe have acquired WCM, DAM, and marketing automation systems, selling a packaged “suite.” 

“Customers should not assume that such suites are well integrated,” cautions Regli.  “The vision is there, but the technology challenge remains monumental.”

Real Story Group’s Digital & Media Asset Management Report identifies critical DAM business use cases and feature sets, and reviews major vendors around the globe. The research is available to RSG research subscribers and for individual purchase.


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