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Press Release

FOR RELEASE: 2012-04-30


Elina Glazer ()

Marketing Manager, Real Story Group

Work 617-340-6464 x127

Digital Leaders Need to Address Emerging Threats to Site Performance

Real Story Group Research Released Today Identifies Three Key Threats to Speedy Screen Display

BOSTON and LONDON, 01 May 2012 -- Enterprise web managers should not lull themselves into thinking that higher bandwidth and faster servers have solved the problem of website performance. In fact, digital leaders are confronted with three new threats to site performance, according to independent evaluation firm, The Real Story Group.

These findings come from Real Story Group's Advisory Paper, Address Emerging Threats to Website Performance, released to its subscribers today.

Real Story Group's analysis identified these three emerging threats:

  • Voluminous and/or low-quality JavaScript and Stylesheets, which can seriously reduce screen-render time
  • Excessive adoption of remote widgets with varying performance profiles
  • Pages and media optimized for high-bandwidth environments that don't perform adequately in many mobile settings

"The days where you only had to worry about site caching and image size are long gone," notes RSG analyst and report author, Matt Mullen. "Modern digital managers need to carefully balance web architectures with data architectures."

"Loading your page down with widgets -- either yours or someone else's -- in the name of improving visitors' experience often has the opposite effect, by driving people away due to excessive render times," added RSG founder, Tony Byrne.

The Advisory Paper concludes with specific advice for design and testing to optimize site performance.


The Real Story Group just celebrated its 10th anniversary and opened a new office in London at the end of 2011. The Real Story Group provides research and advisory services to support end users through content technology selection and implementation. Through highly detailed technical evaluations, Advisory Papers, and other premium services, The Real Story Group helps sort out the complex technology landscape, so that you can minimize time and effort identifying technologies suited to your particular requirements. The Real Story Group evaluates Web Content Management, Digital Asset Management, Document & Records Management (ECM), Portals & Content Integration, Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software, Enterprise Search, and SharePoint Ecosystem vendors. To retain its independence as an impartial analyst firm, Real Story Group works solely for solutions buyers and never for vendors.