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Liferay vs IBM WebSphere Portal

Despite many similarities, Liferay and IBM WebSphere are quite different different and suited for divergent use cases.

Box and IBM announce new workflow tool Box Relay

This move ostensibly takes Box one more step away from simple share-and-sync services towards more complex enterprise-level document management. Just remember that Relay is not a full fledged BPM or advanced workflow tool, even it it suits more workaday workflows that often went underappreciated in automation projects

Updated Enterprise Mobile Technology Evaluations

Enterprise Mobile Technology is a rapidly evolving marketplace and it has seen a number of acquisitions. As a result, some vendor names have changed (e.g., FeedHenry) and more importantly, some of their strategies, too

Should you consider IoT and Wearables in your Mobile Strategy?

Note however that most of these tools consider wearables as an extension of your mobile device. While that is a good way to quickly scale up your device-delivery capabilities, it could also become a major limitation if you wanted to support wearables more generally

IBM renames Worklight and tightens WCM integration

So if you are already an IBM customer — meaning you have invested in IBM WebSphere Portal and WCM and have entitlements for MobileFirst— this is good news for you. But remember that while this combined solution can target a lot of scenarios, it remains a complex set of platforms

Mobilizing your Salesforce: EMC|Documentum, IBM FileNet, SharePoint, Box, or...?

Your enterprise salespeople are increasingly mobile. More than ever, they need access to collateral — brochures, presentations, contracts, pricing charts, and so forth — while on the move. How can you provide effective access to the latest documents for salespeople who aren’t tethered to your internal enterprise network?