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The human roles, responsibilities, and interrelationships in an organisation’s use and management of DAM

    1. Technical Expertise
    There are key technical capabilities that the organisation needs to have, either in-house or via an external partner. Models such as the ITIL v3 and ISO/IEC 20000 also offer a helpful guide for defining technical roles and responsibilities.
    2. Business Expertise
    This refers to the understanding of fundamental DAM concepts among employees and management in support of the organisation’s core mission. To promote an organisation’s DAM practice, clearly related and defined roles should be used as a starting point. Examples include: Asset Owners, DAM Managers, Rights Managers, Reporting Analysts, Product Managers/Channel Managers, Metadata Managers/Librarians, Archivists, Asset Creators, Sales/Marketing Managers.
    3. Alignment
    Alignment is the collaboration between technical and business areas utilizing the value of DAM to achieve the organisation’s mission. This collaboration provides the capability for the groups to anticipate the needs of one another with complementary strategies.