2016 Enterprise Mobile Technology Market Analysis

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The enterprise mobile platform marketplace consists of a great number of vendors and tools, and many organizations struggle to identify the right set of vendors that would be suitable for their scenarios. 

In our evaluations, we group vendors into three large buckets:

  • Infrastructure Vendors: These are large, enterprise software vendors that have offerings across different enterprise use cases such as ERP, e-Business, CRM, digital marketing, and so forth. In addition to their broader offerings, these vendors provide capabilities for mobile application development and deployment.
  • Mobility Specialists: These vendors are “mobility specialists” because enterprise mobility is their core focus area. Most of them provide more advanced capabilities than the Infrastructure Vendors, but lag in terms of their integration with enterprise systems. These tools are more suitable for enterprises with multiple complex mobile initiatives that don't want to be tied to one large vendor.
  • Niche Offerings: These technologies do not pretend to offer full-lifecycle or even cross-platform support. They tend to be specialized app environments, such as a commercially supported mobile web framework, or they have a very narrow focus (e.g., Corona on gaming).