2015 Market Trends and Analysis of Web Content & Experience Management Systems

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Going into 2015, the web content & experience management marketplace remains an active technology segment, although vendors are jockeying to reposition themselves across the spectrum, and for many suppliers, business models are changing. Most innovation is happening in the delivery or "experience" tier, and vendors tend not to invest heavily in improving authoring experiences. In general, power-user interfaces still predominate.

As a prospective WCM customer, you should take a multidimensional approach to identify the best fit for your individual situation and carefully navigate this technology marketplace. Mobile and cloud remain hot topics, but you should carefully investigate how WCM technology can -- and cannot -- help you with your business goals, and recognize important boundaries here.

Customers seeking WCM solutions face a marketplace that is divided roughly between platform- and product-oriented suppliers. Each segment carries its own set of potential risks and rewards. This briefing identifies potential problems and opportunities for all of the vendors we evaluate.