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2012 Enterprise Search Market Analysis

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In late 2011 there were two large and disruptive acquisitions within the enterprise search market; the aftereffects are likely to continue to exercise customers’ minds throughout 2012 and into 2013. Firstly, in a deal announced in August (and concluded in October), HP acquired Autonomy in a deal worth over $11B. Then, whilst the ink was still drying on that deal, Oracle announced that it was acquiring Endeca for an undisclosed figure. It is fair to state that these two vendors were probably the best-known remaining independent players — and most dominant in their field.

Meanwhile, a new buzz phrase has fully bloomed; “Big Data” is the re-recognition that enterprises hold vast quantities of data that could be much more readily exploited. Whether this is an encouragement to invest in better, faster storage or enterprise search technology, every vendor appears to have developed a story in an attempt to claim ownership of the idea.

Beneath the surface of these two mega-trends, other forces are rapidly reshaping the enterprise search marketplace. This paper reviews those trends and forces.