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Product Selection

Make the right choice with help from the authors of the new book, The Right Way to Select Technology.

Our experts will take you through an adaptive, test-based selection process.

  • Market analysis based on your requirements and scenarios
  • Requirements, use case, and RFI/RFD/RFP/Tender development
  • Shortlist recommendations
  • Your advocate during vendor demo meetings
  • Vendor proposal / demo review and feedback
  • Competitive bake-offs based on proven models
  • Facilitation of selection decision meetings
  • Help negotiating contracts, ensuring you don't buy more than you need

Strategy & Planning

Get rapid, expert analysis of your business and technology goals, and come away with a strategic roadmap.

Example deliverables:

  • Audits of existing systems against marketplace trends
  • Enterprise-wide roadmap for multiple, integrated technologies
  • Project prioritization, sequencing, and budgeting
  • Customized education programs for your internal team
  • Coaching you through a separation from your current vendor