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Product Selection

We provide strategic advisory services through an agile, test-based selection process.

  • Market analysis based on your requirements and use case scenarios
  • Requirements, use case, and RFI/RFD/RFP(Tender) development
  • Shortlist advice
  • Acting as a buyer's advocate during vendor demo meetings
  • Vendor proposal / demo review and feedback
  • Organize vendor bake-offs based on proven models
  • Facilitation of selection decision meetings
  • Advice in negotiating contracts, ensuring you don't buy more than you need

Strategy & Planning

We analyze your business and technology goals, and work with you to create a strategic roadmap.

  • Audit your existing systems against state-of-the-art in the marketplace
  • Enterprise-wide roadmap for multiple, integrated technologies
  • Enterprise architecture planning
  • Project prioritization, sequencing, and budgeting
  • Content technology education programs customized for your internal team
  • Coaching you through the divorce from your current vendor

DAM Effectiveness Assessment

The Real Story Group DAM Effectiveness Assessment utilizes the open source DAM Maturity Model and subscriber-only quantitative tools and data to audit, benchmark, and qualitatively measure your DAM current state and future potential.

Our DAM experts spend three to five days closely reviewing the current DAM capabilities of your organization, focusing not only on the technology you have in place but also the people and process, as well as broader connections to other marketing technologies.

Your current state is then plotted on the Maturity Model, and in turn your organization will be assigned a R.E.A.L. score, which measures your Real Story Group Effectiveness Assessment Level. Our tools give you:

  1. A visual representation of where you stand as a DAM practice,
  2. A benchmark of your organization against the overall industry,
  3. Substantive data to use for a business case, justifying future DAM investment

Finally, working with our experts, Real Story Group builds for you a future strategy to establish a DAM Center of Excellence, increase your R.E.A.L. score, and overall DAM success.

For Real Story Group DAM research subscribers who also opt for the DAM Success Evaluation, quarterly on-target meetings are conducted, where our experts continue to plot and help track the evolution of your R.E.A.L. score over the course of your DAM implementation and ongoing practice.


  • Define and track your key performance indicators
  • Gain a clear picture of where you stand vs. industry at large
  • Get concise, targeted, and practical input from expert and objective analysts on how you can advance your DAM practice
  • Identify ongoing areas of cost savings
  • Determine where you need to build skillsets in order to fill the gaps that technology can not