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The Blurring of Enterprise Lines in DAM

But now with even SMBs adopting cloud-based DAMs containing hundreds of thousands of assets numbering in the dozens of terabytes, deployment strategy has become more important than the rather arbitrary term "enterprise"

NetXposure vs. Widen - a battle for SaaS DAM supremacy?

Because Digital & Media Asset Management involves giant, typically high-resolution files, SaaS-based DAM has not historically offered a compelling proposition. Still, more of you have been asking us about SaaS DAM, despite your (quite reasonable) skepticism. Vendors have worked to improve performance as well

Widen and North Plains' Xinet updated in our DAM research

As we expanded the breadth of our DAM research earlier this week to include both Equilibrium MediaRich for SharePoint, along with SaaS vendor WebDAM, we also updated our coverage of DAM veteran Widen, and one of the products in North Plains' increasingly vast portfolio, Xine

At Henry Stewart DAM Symposium: A Grey New World

One of the most striking trends underway in the DAM space right now (indications of which were abundantly present in the exhibitor booths at this year's Henry Stewart DAM Symposium in New York) is the rush toward Adobe Flex-based client interfaces