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WCM for Uncle Sam

As you might expect the list shows a great diversity in systems deployed, but also suggests some aging platforms. What to make of it?

The Main Problem with .NET WCM Vendors

They have each innovated in their own way and built up channel networks, but also have benefited heavily from Microsoft's abdication of this space. Yet, there's one glaring weakness that limits them among the larger enterprise customers they all covet.

How can you distinguish among .NET WCM vendors?

If you simply make a feature matrix, nearly all of these players will check nearly all the boxes: segmentation, content repurposing, microsite management, campaigns, marketing platform integration, and so on.

When you start looking deeper, some significant differences emerge.

WCXM v21.2 update includes Alfresco, Hippo, Enonic, and Sitefinity

In version 21.2 of our Web Content and Experience Management (WCXM) evaluation report, we’ve updated evaluations of Alfresco, Hippo, Enonic, and Sitefinity. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening with these vendors and their Web CMS products:

Web CMS comparison update

This month's update to our Web CMS Report evaluations offers the latest critiques of nine web content management vendors: