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Updates to WCM Vendor Reviews

Major forces are buffeting the Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) marketplace, and key vendors and open source players are tacking in different directions in response. Some are expanding the scope of functionality, others are narrowing their focus, while others simply sail on like it's still the good old days.

Is Plone Really More Secure Than Drupal and Joomla?

Security is a touchy subject in the Web CMS world in general and very touchy in particular among open source WCXM projects, since open source platforms are frequently accused (often unfairly) of being inherently insecure by dint of their more open development models.

So it's been interesting to watch some Plone adherents contrast their platform's security profile to that of some major competitors

What TinyMCE, FCK, and IE9 Problems Can Teach Us

When Microsoft began releasing betas of Internet Explorer 9 in 2010, Redmond's huge global user community quickly started uncovering various strengths and weaknesses of the new version. One demerit quickly emerged that still hasn't completely gone away: IE9 doesn't play well with certain versions of the popular rich text editor ("RTE") TinyMCE as well as its main competitor, FCK/CK

Update to Portal Vendor Evaluations

We have released an update to our Portals and Content Integration Report. In this release, we've updated the following evaluations

Content Storage - Database or File System?

Business users want easy access to content and don't tend to care where it gets stored. However, the mechanics of storage have always been an important consideration for IT and System Admin folks

Alternatives for converging website production and delivery

Of late, many WCM as well as Portal vendors are touting their capabilities for more closely aligning content management and presentation management. Frankly, I wonder what took them so long. After all, what good is content if it cannot be delivered and consumed? In my opinion

New Enterprise Portals Research

Yesterday we launched our most recent Enterprise Portals Research. This report critically evaluates 13 portal vendors and products, which we break up into 2 categories: