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Sitecore versus Episerver

I sometimes refer to Episerver in shorthand as "a poor man's Sitecore," but as you'll see below, that's a real over-simplification

The Main Problem with .NET WCM Vendors

They have each innovated in their own way and built up channel networks, but also have benefited heavily from Microsoft's abdication of this space. Yet, there's one glaring weakness that limits them among the larger enterprise customers they all covet.

Five thoughts on the Sitecore buy-out

This deal puts to bed the absurd rumors that Microsoft would acquire Sitecore (would have been a very poor match). Microsoft might still make a move to buy a true cloud WCM, though still doubt it in the near term

Beware the WCM Vendor Trying to Be Your Integrator

We increasingly see WCM vendors putting pressure on their SI partners to become more like loyal resellers. For WCM, you don't want a reseller. Look for independent services firms that know a small handful of tools really, really well. Then work only with those integrators and consultancies who will sit on your side of the table, rather than just parrot the vendor line

How can you distinguish among .NET WCM vendors?

If you simply make a feature matrix, nearly all of these players will check nearly all the boxes: segmentation, content repurposing, microsite management, campaigns, marketing platform integration, and so on.

When you start looking deeper, some significant differences emerge.

What to Make of the Ektron and EPiServer Merger

In the real world -- the world where you labor every day -- these technologies are not going to mesh. A "single platform" is a PowerPoint-only pipe dream. Investors can dream, but what about you the customer?

Growth and Turmoil in the WCM Mid-Market

As a buyer, what to make of this? We'll share some broader marketplace trends with our subscribers shortly, but in the meantime, I'm pleased to announce a significant update to our WCM vendor evaluations, with a particular emphasis on the major, .NET-oriented players

EPiServer Acquired: No big deal

Swedish WCM vendor EPiServer was acquired a few weeks ago -- and I've been trying to come up with something meaningful to say about it ever since

CMS Vendor EPiServer Not Going Public

This year's big plan for Swedish Web CMS vendor EPiServer was to go public on July 30th. In the end, though, that didn't quite work out: EPi withdrew at the last minute

Alterian drops Immediacy

Software vendor Alterian has cleared up which Web CMS software it wants to try to sell you in the future. In short, all of their alphabet soups going forward will taste like Morello