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Some TeamSite implementations linger on, like a really bad relationship you can't seem to end. Maybe it's time for a clear exit?

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What if we could do simple "tasting notes" for certain WCM vendors, like wine critics do? What would we say? Quite tongue-in-cheek, here's a sampling

WCM for Uncle Sam

As you might expect the list shows a great diversity in systems deployed, but also suggests some aging platforms. What to make of it?

Updates to WCM Vendor Reviews

Major forces are buffeting the Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) marketplace, and key vendors and open source players are tacking in different directions in response. Some are expanding the scope of functionality, others are narrowing their focus, while others simply sail on like it's still the good old days.

Mobile Options for OpenText ECM

OpenText customers understandably want to know which alternative best suits them, but you should understand there’s some overlap across different alternatives, and they target different use cases.

Whither Documentum at OpenText?

In summary, yes, OpenText will probably keep on supporting multiple products. But on the question of the Documentum platform enjoying the fruits of true innovation, you should remain skeptical.

Should you use Adobe Experience Manager for DAM?

Instead of being able to make a decision on a candidate you can really stand behind, you are forced to stick with what the party establishment chose for you, even if you know it’s not the best choice for your enterprise.

OpenText to Acquire Documentum

I don’t see lot of synergies between OpenText's existing offerings and acquired offerings, so there’s very less potential of any integration or of realizing any benefits for customers. In any case, gaining synergies across overlapping products is probably not their objective, because if it were, they would have acquired modern and nimble products

Major Update to WCM Vendor Evaluations

I'll highlight changes to RSG's evaluation criteria, based on what you the enterprise customer has indicated will become increasingly important going forward

What fate for HP MediaBin DAM?

Originally a tool that supported simple brand management and photo library scenarios, over the years MediaBin got mashed up with Virage, a high-end video management tool, and IDOL, the former Autonomy’s impenetrable and expensive search technology