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2013 Zeitgeist for SaaS CMS and Cloud CMS - Cloud Nein

In a webinar I led earlier this week, I talked about the latest developments in WCXM (Web Content & Experience Management) marketplace and trends. Not surprisingly, one of the topics hit a nerve with many and spurred a slew of follow-up questions. The hot trend was around how SaaS/Cloud Web CMS vendors continue to struggle, with rare exceptions, despite broader organizational adoption of cloud-based technologies in the enterprise

No liftoff for SaaS Web CMS

Every few years, someone declares one type of Web Content Management (CMS) software on the verge of "liftoff," to take over the entire space. Early last decade, people tried to convince me that open source was going to dominate the world "by 2005."

Making sense of CMS Watch....

At CMS Watch we evaluate an awful lot of products, and making sense of all this research can be a challenge.

SaaS ECM marketplace is partly cloudy

Earlier this week, I blogged about ECM and Open Source -- and the different landscapes buyers will encounter in the Enterprise Content Management marketplace versus the Web Content Management marketplace. I think there's a similar paradigm when it comes to SaaS