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North Plains DAM - Pros and Cons

RSG's Digital Asset Management research includes an evaluation of North Plains against our tough criteria. So where does deploying NEXT makes sense...and when would you want to look at alternatives?

North Plains: Xinet in-depth Evaluation

With the rise of omni-channel marketing, solutions like Xinet really serve as a single puzzle piece in what may be a multi-tool approach to complex personalized marketing, where print is but one destination among many

The Blurring of Enterprise Lines in DAM

But now with even SMBs adopting cloud-based DAMs containing hundreds of thousands of assets numbering in the dozens of terabytes, deployment strategy has become more important than the rather arbitrary term "enterprise"

Widen and North Plains' Xinet updated in our DAM research

As we expanded the breadth of our DAM research earlier this week to include both Equilibrium MediaRich for SharePoint, along with SaaS vendor WebDAM, we also updated our coverage of DAM veteran Widen, and one of the products in North Plains' increasingly vast portfolio, Xine

Are MediaBeacon and North Plains still comparable?

Over two years ago, I wrote this piece about digital asset management vendors MediaBeacon and North Plains, saying they were almost always mentioned in the same sentence in DAM industry discussions. But that's changed. For better or worse, one vendor has radically grown its toolset and re-cast its approach to the market. The other has maintained the status quo, sticking to focus on one core DAM product and leadership team

North Plains acquires VYRE: what it means for customers

North Plains, one of the few goliaths of the DAM space, announced this week an acqusition of VYRE, a onetime web content management vendor that in the last few years shifted its focus to brand and marketing resource management.