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Updates to WCM Vendor Reviews

Major forces are buffeting the Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) marketplace, and key vendors and open source players are tacking in different directions in response. Some are expanding the scope of functionality, others are narrowing their focus, while others simply sail on like it's still the good old days.

We need more loosely-coupled WCM offerings

As the Web CMS marketplace pendulum has swung from content management to experience management over the past few years, we've seen a greater emphasis on "coupled" architectures. That's not always a good thing

Back to DACH

As much any of the other five continents where we have research customers, we see that Europe is particularly regionally inclined: small vendors flourish in their local markets, often keeping out larger global competitors. But perhaps moreso than the rest of western Europe (UK excluded), out of DACH has come come of the largest technology powerhouses in content management, from the likes of SAP and CoreMedia to Day (since acquired by Adobe) and e-Spirit, to open source projects such as Magnolia, OpenCMS, and Typo3

WebSphere Portal, Coremedia or EMC Documentum?

I enjoyed an excellent day in Oxford last week speaking (and listening to the other speakers) at a CMS Expert Group round table event. Many topics of interest emerged, but the one that underlay several discussions -- and is also close to my heart -- was, "When is a Web Content Management project not a Web Content Management project?"

Web CMS comparison update

This month's update to our Web CMS Report evaluations offers the latest critiques of nine web content management vendors:

CoreMedia integrates with SAP NetWeaver Portal

If you're running a SAP NetWeaver Portal -- presumably since you've bought into SAPs infrastructure -- you may have discovered it's not the most ideal of platforms to actually publish content on

Is German CoreMedia still a CMS company?

While the CoreMedia corporate website still mentions CMS, it seems like the longtime German content management vendor is more focused on digital rights management (DRM) these days.

A Standard Web CMS for German Government

The German government has launched the first site managed by a new Web content management system, Government Site Builder, which was built by a local integrator, Materna, on top of a product from German CMS vendor CoreMedia.