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Excerpt from the Plone: Plone CMS evaluation:

"Usability is a mixed bag. While Plone's basic contributor interface is relatively simple and easy to use, many complain of a steep learning curve for administering, configuring, and integrating a Plone site. This is only partly a UI issue; it is mainly due to a large stack of new technology under the hood that you occasionally need to dip into in order to accomplish certain tasks. For example, much of the configuration is done through the Zope Management Interface (ZMI), which new users often find difficult to navigate because of the veritable zoo of folders in which components are tucked away. Plone has mitigated some of these issues by moving many administration tasks into the Plone (rather than Zope) layer, but the ZMI still lurks underneath...."

(P. 517 in the Web Content Management Report. )

Plone CMS