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Excerpt from the OpenText: MediaBin evaluation:

"As enterprise DAM systems go, MediaBin has a comparatively high degree of ready-to-use functionality straight out of the box. However, if you need to extend the product with add-on modules or do custom development, or spread executables across more machines in order to improve the performance of certain modules, beware that licensing costs (and delays) can mount quickly. Also, bear in mind that although you may see a Java applet pop up here and there, MediaBin is still quite deeply wedded to Windows technology. In theory, you can use Oracle for your database, ApacheDS for your user directory, and MediaBin's Mac Client in your production architecture, but the reality is that if you use anything other than SQL Server, Active Directory, and the MediaBin Windows client, you're going to end up with some functionality gaps...."

(P. 130 in the Digital Asset Management Report. )

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