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Excerpt from the CoreMedia: Digital Experience Platform evaluation:

"CoreMedia has taken an interesting approach with regard to workflow. Workflows can easily be created and managed using the browser, as with other vendor's products, but in the background, the actual workflow instances run as separate processes. This means that workflow can run on a separate machine. The advantages of this separation include better load balancing and reliability (the CMS can go down without leaving in-process workflows in an unknown state or requiring a restart of interrupted workflows). The workflow engine can also be further extended using custom coding in Java, e.g., to notify third-party systems of certain events or involve external services in the workflow. A very simple example would be to send an email to an approver, rather than using the editorial client for approval; but you could also fire off a compliance workflow as certain actions complete, or peek and poke data in a remote system...."

(P. 289 in the Web Content Management Report. )

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