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Customer Relationship Management


Select the attributes that would be acceptable to your enterprise.

1. Does your enterprise care if this solution is a purchased via a commercial license or via an open source license model?

Acceptable Licensing Models

Some enterprises have appetites for open source and others do not.  Remember, there are multiple flavors of open source.  Some open source projects are backed by a commercial company and others are purely community driven.

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2. Do you care if this solution is installed on your enterprise servers or provided as a cloud service?

Acceptable Delivery Models

Some enterprises insist that software be installed on their own servers behind the firewall.  Others prefer a cloud model where software is hosted and supported by the vendor, a public cloud provider, or another partner.

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3. Geographic Footprint

Geographical Service Area

If you don't want to consider vendors who are not active in your region of the world (Americas, EMEA, or Asia-Pac), then limit your choices below.  Note that you will always see vendors with a "Global" footprint regardless.

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4. Are you interested in a unified package or a multi-product suite?

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