Organizational Development

Tangibles and Intangibles such as organizational resources, processes, and structures

    1. Staffing & Resources
    This refers to the people, budgets, and resources available for enterprise social-collaboration initiatives.
    2. Governance & Program Management
    This refers to the mechanisms that identify and assign teams and stakeholders for social-collaboration and processes that define and manage such initiatives at the enterprise level.
    3. Culture and Alignment
    This refers to both the soft (or intangible) factors such as the embrace of social-collaboration by management and concrete constructs like incentives intended to promote desired behaviors and outcomes.
    4. Community Management
    This refers to the people, processes and tools available to create and nurture communities of practices or groups organized around specific topics, functions or projects.
    5. Analytics & Optimization
    This refers to the metrics and measurements for social-collaboration as well as the feedback loops in place for ongoing and continuous improvements.