Webinar: The Right Way to Select a Web CMS Vendor

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About the Topic:
Selecting a Web CMS (Web Content Management System) can be a daunting task. As you devise or refine your digital strategy plans, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right CMS in place.

If you’re selecting a new Web CMS, then join Jarrod Gingras for a fast-paced webinar on "The Right Way to Select a Web CMS.” The webinar will examine best practices for a successful CMS product selection as well as reveal potential pitfalls to avoid, allowing you to learn from others' mistakes.

We'll look at the overall Web CMS marketplace to help you figure out which tier might be the most appropriate for your business: legacy, upper-range platforms, mid-range products, mid-range platforms, or simpler products. Then we'll guide you through specific steps to cover all of the bases to inform and prepare you in selecting the best fitting CMS for your unique needs.