Webinar: Enterprise Mobile Platform Evaluations – A Sneak Peek into Forthcoming RSG Research

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The business case for enterprise mobility seems almost self-evident. From boosting employee efficiency to increasing customer convenience, the possibilities are very promising. However when it comes to actual execution, enterprises face many hurdles. The marketplace remains nascent, the solutions are still maturing, and the pace of change is rapid.

To help enterprises make the right mobile technology decisions, RSG has been researching the enterprise mobile platform marketplace, identifying the relevant vendors for common use cases, and digging into their strengths and weaknesses. 

Please join us for a subscriber-only sneak preview of our forthcoming evaluation research, and take this opportunity to give us your feedback on the type of analysis you need to make good decisions on mobile technology selection.

In this webinar, we’ll survey the core technical and functional services that comprise an enterprise cross-platform development solution. We’ll also catalog the most common use cases, both internal and external.  Then we’ll provide a high-level snapshot of the overall vendor marketplace.

We’ll conclude with your feedback on what enterprises need to be successful with mobile technology selection and implementation.