[Subscriber-Only Briefing] DAM SaaS Shootout: Widen vs. Bynder vs. WebDAM, and all the SaaS wannabes

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As we wrote in our 2017 DAM market analysis, just about every DAM vendor is telling a cloud story -- but few have Cloud Clout. Cloud Clout is a measure of the experience vendors have with cloud deployments and environments, and how well the architecture takes advantage of cloud features. Widen, Bynder and WebDAM are three of the DAM cloud stallwarts -- but how do they compare to each other? Also how do vendors who offer more flavors of the cloud, such as managed hosting or PaaS, compare? We'll also look at NetX, MerlinOne, IntelligenceBank, and other vendors who have a solid history in the cloud. Join your fellow subscribers and get the real story.