Market Analysis: 2014 Digital & Media Asset Management Market Analysis

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2013 was a year of moderate progress for the Digital & Media Asset Management marketplace. Most vendors gradually added functionality and partnerships to address the broadening scope of enterprise asset management needs; however, there were few major product launches or acquisitions following a more dynamic 2012.

Increased focus on refining existing tools through product development efforts and partnerships dominated DAM & MAM vendor agendas in 2013; however, some foundational elements such as workflow and metadata management still tend to fall short, frustrating customers who are looking for greater operational efficiency.

As a DAM practitioner — and many of you may manage a cocktail of technologies simultaneously — take a multi-dimensional approach to identify the best mix of solutions for your scenarios. We look at the market in a multifaceted way; this market analysis is just one approach, and other types of vendor categorizations can be found in our Digital & Media Asset Management research.