Digital and Media Asset Management Software Usage: Findings and Analysis from Real Story Group Industry Survey

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RSG conducted an online survey in late 2014 to gain practitioner perspective on key digital & media asset management software themes such as common use cases, tools, vendors, implementation issues, and overall challenges.

The survey received about 180 responses, and included a cross-section of global organizations drawn from different countries and industries. More detailed demographics about the survey respondents are provided at the end of this report.

We excluded very small organizations from the respondent pool (defined as those having less than twenty employees) in developing this report, since their perspective is not likely to be representative of medium and large-sized organizations.  Unless otherwise noted, the sample size for this analysis is 150.

This report presents key survey findings in the following categories:

•    Satisfaction with technology
•    Satisfaction with vendors — overall and specific
•    Maturity across nine canonical DAM use cases
•    Extent of current and future transitions to the cloud
•    Patterns in organizational DAM leadership
•    Key organizational challenges
For each of the key findings, we first present the results and then provide additional commentary and qualitative insights.