Advisory - Managing Digital Asset Rights in the Enterprise

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Digital rights management means different things to different people. DRM has long been associated with controlling access to proprietary content, like preventing music file-sharing. This briefing takes an enterprise perspective that focuses on available approaches and tools to manage the rights and licensing information associated with digital assets, rather than content protection technologies that prevent unauthorized viewing or usage of assets.

Why do rights matter for the enterprise?
Enterprises typically employ digital imagery from multiple sources in marketing campaigns and corporate communications across different channels like web, print, television, and mobile. Usage restrictions apply to third-party content in accordance with the licensing terms that specify how that content may be used. Typical license terms define:

  • Duration of usage
  • Number of times an asset may be used
  • The media channels where an asset may be used
  • The geographic regions where an asset may be used
  • The formats in which they may be used

Enterprises must pay special attention to these terms - or risk stiff penalties. But do you really need full-blown DRM tools to meet these terms? This paper offers a guide to making the right technology decisions for digital asset rights management in the enterprise.