Advisory: 2013 Broadcast and Media Asset Management (MAM) Market Analysis

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As we look forward to 2013 and beyond, it is clear that the media asset management industry is at a crossroads. On the customer side, it is incontrovertible that a steady shift is underway to a multi-screen, multi-device world where media is consumed very differently than ever before. No one denies that media & broadcast companies are still top-notch when it comes to creating compelling content, but it is now imperative that they enhance their technology architecture to deliver content to consumers, on-demand, on multiple devices — be it traditional television, mobile devices, computers, or something we have yet to imagine.
It’s easy to envisage a digital content supply chain where software in general and MAM in particular would play the content orchestrator role for the entire content lifecycle. However on the vendor side (barring the odd exception), we find more conservatism and incremental tweaks to the technology than game-changing solutions. Additionally, we find some tentative steps toward the cloud, some progress on mobile enabling the toolsets, and (rightly so) a lot of emphasis on multi-platform delivery.  In this Reality Check, we provide a quick summary of what key vendors in this space are focusing on to help you with your current and planned MAM projects.