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Webinar: Measuring DAM Effectiveness

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How can you measure your effectiveness as a DAM practitioner, and your organization’s overall DAM capabilities and success? This webinar will help you answer that question.

The Real Story Group DAM Effectiveness Assessment utilizes the open source DAM Maturity Model and subscriber-only quantitative tools and data to audit, benchmark, and measure your DAM current state and future potential. In this webinar, Real Story Group DAM experts will present an approach for measuring the DAM capabilities of your organization, focusing not only on the technology you have in place but also the people and process, as well as broader connections to other marketing technologies.

You’ll learn how can:

  • Define and track your key performance indicators
  • Gain a clear picture of where you stand vs. industry at large
  • Identify ongoing areas of cost savings
  • Determine where you need to build skillsets in order to fill the gaps that technology can not

Join us for a fast-paced 30 minutes to learn how to take your DAM practice to the next level.