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Webinar: 2013 WCXM Marketplace Overview & Latest Trends

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Led by Real Story Group Senior Analyst Irina Guseva, this webinar will shed light on the latest developments in the Web Content and Experience Management (WCXM) marketplace. Here are some of the topics to be discussed:

  •     Where is the market going in 2013?
  •     What were some of last year's major industry developments and how might those   affect you?
  •     What have Web CMS vendors been up to?
  •     On what kinds of content management projects are various organizations working?
  •     What are the major struggles for WCXM customers and end users?

We'll also talk about industry movers and shakers, the latest CMS technology trends, as well as mistakes to avoid when dealing with this particular segment of enterprise content technology. If you are wondering whether you should jump on the CXM (Customer Experience Management) bandwagon and what that would mean in terms of your web presence and web content management we'll cover that, too.