Which is better for you - platforms or products

Today we released a new advisory paper, "How the New Platforms vs. Products Debate Impacts Your Success." Subscribers to any of our EI Watch, SharePoint Watch, and CMS Watch research streams can download the paper here.

From the introduction:

    An important, yet rarely acknowledged architectural and product development shift has transpired over the past couple of years in the content technology marketplaces we cover. The debate has shifted from "Suite vs. Best of Breed" to "Platform vs. Product." This is partly a natural evolution in vendor marketing as technologies and marketplaces mature. Yet this shift also has profound implications for you, the customer. Beyond the normal criteria of cost, functional fit, and vendor fit, you need to assess a tool's position on the Platform-Product continuum against internal needs and capabilities.

The three-page briefing offers five specific steps your enterprise can take today to make sure you make the best technology choices for near-term and long-term success. To subscribe to our research so that you can receive advisories like this, contact us here.

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