[Webinar] The Right Way to Select Technology for Your New Omnichannel Stack

By now, most large enterprises have evolved multiple — often overlapping — stacks across the customer experience spectrum: for Marketing, Sales, Service & Support, Advertising, and Web/DX.

Yet customers expect you to engage coherently and consistently with you regardless of channel and continue doing so when new channels emerge. How to get there? You face key governance, operational, and information challenges for sure, but you also need a target technology strategy. But how to you make sure you've got the right tools in your stack that will allow your team to create the optimal omnichannel experiences that you desire?

Join Jarrod Gingras for this fast paced briefing as he helps guide your future stack investments toward supporting omnichannel needs.

[Webinar] The Right Way to Select Technology for Your New Omnichannel Stack

To get the most out of this live briefing, I'll invite you to:

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2. Between now and March 4, send any Omnichannel Stack related question you'd like Jarrod to address, to me at [email protected]

3. Ask questions during the session itself

See you then!

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